Tips For Writing Compare And Contrast Essay

It has been seen that students are often confused between compare and contrast essay. Some people even think that a contrast essay should be completely void of any compare and contrast. This kind of essay is generally written to present two views or opinions about the same topic. The knowledge that you will use in the future helps you express more clearly your viewpoint. A good comparative essay, helps you learn to discover two viewpoints on the same subject, which you want to compare.

First, it might seem an easy thing to do. But actually it isn’t. To compare and contrast, you need a sound knowledge of the topics you wish to compare and contrast. Thus, there must be some significant similarities between your two preferred subjects. For example, if both your topics are automobiles, then you need to compare and contrast the similarities between automobiles, so as to determine whether there is any significant difference between them.

A list of similarities and differences between your two topics will help you write a better compare and contrast essay. Let us look at the examples of a few papers which were once used in school to compare and contrast. You’ll find very little differences between the two topics, but these lists provide the scope for you to identify the differences and similarities between the two. In this case, we have a motor vehicle versus an automobile. One of the major similarities is that both vehicles are powered by gasoline; however, the differences are immense.

When you compare and contrast the facts, you have to make sure that they support each other. The example above shows a major contrast between automobiles and motorcycles. The vehicles are powered by completely different fuels, yet they are used to commute to work, shop, play, and ride motorcycles to get to different places. When you compare and contrast the same facts, you must make sure that they support each other. Otherwise, you will end up writing a poorly written piece of writing that is full of statements, but doesn’t make any sense.

Another example is the comparison between the English language and the Spanish language. Both languages are widely spoken throughout many parts of the world, and English is the official language of many countries including the United States. On the other hand, Spanish is widely used as a second language, and almost one out of every two American citizens can speak Spanish. It is important to note that there are many similarities between the two, as well as some major differences.

When you compare and contrast your papers, you must make sure that they make sense. Many students do not take the time to compare and contrast the facts and information contained within their thesis and dissertations. In order to write a good compare and contrast essay, you need to take the time to analyze the differences between the two and compose an essay that is based on the truth. When the truth is compared and contrasted properly with other truths and information, you will end up with a very good essay.