General Questions

  • What services do you offer? is an online company that specializes in assisting students from across the world with their academic assignments. We offer specialized assistance that allows both undergraduate and postgraduate students to beat their class work deadlines with peace of mind.
  • What about the ethics of the whole deal?

    We operate legally, and that is why we are on the Net where anyone can see what we do. We do not encourage students to abscond their studies hoping that we will stand in for their laziness. We only assist where our clients are unable to handle their assignments on time due to understandable reasons.
  • What about the confidentiality?

    We operate within a highly confidential environment. We maintain and respect your right to privacy by keeping secret all the personal information you share with us. Our privacy policy is simple: What happens at remains at It is that simple.
  • In what styling formats can I expect to get my papers?

    Our team of writers works with any academic writing style. We are proficient in all styles such as MLA, APA, Harvard, and Chicago. The only confirmation we will need from you is to tell us if your college has any specific exceptions to the particular paper you are ordering so that we can customize it to suit such exceptions.

The ordering and execution process

  • How do I place my order?

    You will need to complete our online order form that will give us a clear understanding of your requirements. You will have to specify the length of your assignment, topic, your expected deadline, and any other relevant detail so that we can arrive at an agreeable pricing before we embark on the task.
  • When can I collect my paper?

    We don’t have the final say about the deadline of your assignments. On the contrary, you hold the final key since you know when you need to submit the paper. For instance, if you approach us with a 2-day deadline, we will work within that timeframe with the assurance of delivering the work on or shortly before the deadline day. Overall, we do not miss deadlines.
  • What about revisions?

    At, we are here to satisfy you, period. This statement simply means that you retain the right to demand for reasonable revisions and adjustments before you approve your work. You are always free to write to the writer you are dealing with to correct anything you do not need in your final copy.
  • I am allowed to raise questions, complain, or make suggestions?

    Yes! Our doors are always open to listen to all your complaints if you have any. Also, we welcome all your suggestions because they give us an opportunity to do things and serve you better. If you need any clarification, we are always available to answer them. Just contact our customer support department with all the above concerns and we will sort you.


  • Who handles my assignments?

    We have a stellar collection of writers whom we carefully select from across the world, and in particular, native English nations. First, we ensure that you only assign your papers to writers based on their academic qualifications, not just because they can write in good English. Second, we also test their quality of English to ensure that they can present their ideas in a grammatically perfect manner. Lastly, we only assign work based on a writer’s academic level where only PhD holders handle doctoral assignments.
  • Can I decide who writes my paper?

    We allow you to select your preferred writer based on their qualifications as stipulated in the answer to question nine above.
  • What about viewing a writer’s sample work?

    We allow you to do so as one of the ways of assessing their level of depth and quality before settling for them. However, we do this at a small fee, which you can get by contacting our support team.
  • What about communicating with my preferred writer?

    As long as the communication takes place on our messaging system, we allow it.


  • How do I pay for my work?

    We accept payments using various payment options as stipulated on this site. If you don’t see your payment method on the list, don’t hesitate to contact us for further assistance and advice.
  • How safe is your payment system?

    We use internationally accredited payment methods. This means that all such payments methods are tested for safety, and hence, you have no need to worry about the safety of your money.
  • How friendly are your prices?

    We are in business to serve our clients, and hence, all our services factor in the ability of our customer to pay for our services. We don’t offer the cheapest prices in the market but we strike a very delicate balance between affordability and quality. In short, you will always get the best prices without compromising on the quality of the work.
  • Can I enjoy any discounts?

    We offer discounts to our customers as part of our generosity and business policy. For instance, we offer seasonal promotions and discounts to our loyal customers. If you register your profile with us, we treat you as a life member who benefits from better prices as opposed to first timers or one-time clients.

Quality assurance

  • Do you recycle used papers?

    No. Our policy on originality is simple—all papers have to be 100% original. If they are plagiarized, they are not from us. We write all assignments from scratch to match your specific requirements.
  • How can I be sure of your papers’ quality?

    At, we assure you absolute satisfaction. That is why our system allows you to make revision requests until you have confirmed to us that the work is okay. Until you say the assignment is okay, we will not consider it as such. That is why we have put safeguards in place to guarantee you quality papers. For instance, our editing team that goes through your paper to ensure that it achieves complete originality, styling perfection and grammatical excellence. Such a buffer ensures that anything that the writer failed to detect is detected and dealt with before you get the final copy. Another way of assuring you of the quality of your work is our money-back guarantee. We put this provision in place to keep our writing and editing team on its toes because a company that is unsure of its quality cannot make such a risky bet on its working time and resources. discount